The first PIPO event in Benin Republic from the 26th to 31st may 2017: team work

About me

My name’s Mahoudjro Armand KODJO. I am journalist, Social Entrepreneur, Peace Architect and National Coordinator of Peace Revolution Benin. Benin or Republic of Benin is a country in the western part of Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, and Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, but the seat of government is in Cotonou, the country’s largest city and economic capital. My aim in this article is to share with you and with the world what I call “the waving vibes”. It is about Inner Peace throughout the organization of the first PIPO event in Benin, my beloved country.

My commitment with Peace Revolution and WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE (WPI)

I joined Peace Revolution by the WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE (WPI) in 2016. At that time, I was searching for a way to control my emotions, because I was short temper. My introduction to this organization was made in 2015 by Philippe HOUINSOU, who believes that through the practice of meditation I could be able to control not only my temper, but also my life. When I finally joined, I became passionate with the concept of PIPO, where lies for me “the tools of human life management”. I could not so far find out another scientific and efficient way to be happy with life and people of the world. Inner Peace changes my life and this I have decided to share with my people through the organization of the first PIPO event in Benin Republic from the 26th to 31st may 2017.

Positive waving vibes

Everything is possible when we have peace inside. Inner peace makes possible the impossible and can change lives like a positive waving vibes that turn everything beautiful and comfortable. It is also the essence of life and blessings that we find every time we close our eyes and be calm for a moment. I was blessed to organize with a wonderful team BENIN PIPO in four big cities of Benin (Porto-Novo, Adjarra, Cotonou and Calavi). We share the benefits of inner peace through meditation with 610 people including young people, young leaders, NGO officials, Civil Servant, local and national authorities.

Passion makes the success

I could confess that, at the beginning of this project, I was stressed and worried about the outcome. In this I want to thank Henry MOLINGE for his support from the starting point to the end of this event. He always uses the right word to raise the giant inside every person. BENIN PIPO 2017 was successful because of two things. First, I have good mentors and second I am blessed to be part of a devoted team, where the members volunteered to work for a noble cause. We were guided by the same vision: reach the goal and help people find their own Inner Peace. Sometimes, first impression betrays our judgments and this happens in many cases. However, we knew what we have and had to value it in order to make people buy into the concept. It was like a new product with marvelous virtues, but sell at a cheap rate. People may doubt till they try it and then say: “Waoh..! This is a wonderful concept; I will always use it to better myself”. Even when meditation is a new practice for people and they wrongly related it to a religious practice, with passion we always succeed in convincing them about its benefits. In the course of the organization of this event, we meet many challenges, but our passion in Inner Peace and Meditation makes it successful. I hope this article will change you into an actor of positive and could make you greater than you ever think you are. I wish you Inner Peace within the present moment; there reside the secrets of life and happiness.

Armand KODJO

Peace Architect and Country Coordinator

World Peace Initiative (WPI)


À propos de Armand KODJO

Peace Agent at the WORLD PEACE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION. Journalist, Co-Founder of the LANGUAGE IMPROVEMENT Corner (LIC). Founder and CEO of BENIN SHOWBUZZ. General Secretary of Young African Leaders Forum (YALF)

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